How to Change a Priceline Reservation?

In the world of discount travel sites, a lot of people ask about changing travel dates, or canceling reservations.  Sometimes they’ve made mistakes with their date or zone selection. Other times plans simply change and there’s no way to avoid it.

 Can I change my Priceline Reservation check-in or check-out dates? 

When booking through Priceline you have two options.  One is the published Priceline hotel list.  Here you are able to choose from a variety of hotels with pre-set prices.  You may not get the very best deals on hotels, but you get to see which hotel you’re buying and can see all the specifics before you make your purchase.  And for some people, that peace of mind is worth paying for.

Your other choice is a Priceline bidding tool called Name Your Own Price.  This method allows you to choose the amount you’re willing to pay for a hotel, and Priceline matches you with a hotel that accepts your price.  The tool typically will get you the cheapest hotel rates available, but the disadvantage of this hotel bidding process is that you are NOT able to change or cancel your reservation.  The only reason you can get these amazing Priceline deals is because they mean guaranteed revenue for the hotels. If you were given the option to “back-out” then the hotels wouldn’t be able to afford such rock bottom prices.  

So with that in mind, you should avoid Priceline bidding if you have uncertain travel dates, so you won’t have to risk losing your entire booking payment if plans suddenly change. 

Here are some Priceline tips:

  • Purchase Priceline insurance along with your booking
  • Try calling Priceline customer service – Though it’s against official policy, sometimes the service representatives can find you some wiggle room.  That all depends on the ability to sell your room to another customer, so you better get to them IMMEDIATELY. 

 The best way to get this wiggle room is to give your representative a good reason for your change in plans.   Keep asking even if they tell you it isn’t possible.  If you do get the chance to change dates, you may be asked to bid on other dates, and pay a processing fee. 

If your plans were not only changed put canceled totally, there have been some cases where Priceline will refund you entirely, minus a cancelation fee. 

  • Directly contact your hotel and ask nicely to change your dates.  If they can, hotels are usually happy to assist their customers however they can. 

I made a mistake.  Can I change my Priceline Reservation check-in or check-out dates? 

Everybody makes mistakes, and when that happens, you can usually fix them.  With published Priceline hotel lists, you have the option to cancel or change your reservations. 

If you decided to use the Name Your Own Price tool, you may still be able to change or refund your purchase; even though refunds are against official policy.  Mistakes with zones are typically easier to remedy than mistakes with dates, but either way, your best bet is to contact customer service first.    

 Can I change or cancel my hotels rooms? 

When you name your own price for hotels, (meaning you don’t see the identity of the hotel until after you buy it) you do not have the option to change or cancel your reservation.  This privacy is the reason you can get such great Priceline deals! 

But if you decide to book your hotel using the published deals option, you will always be able to reschedule or cancel your reservations as you please. 

Can I change the name on my reservation? 

When you bid for hotels using the Name Your Own Price tool, where the actual hotels aren’t revealed until after your purchase, then according to Priceline hotel bidding rules, you aren’t allowed to change or transfer your reservations; not even for a fee. 

However, you do have a few recourses.

You may contact the hotel directly to change the name on the reservation.  Depending on the hotel, you may be able to change the name entirely, you may simply need to add a name to your reservation, or in some cases, the hotel may not allow you to change the name at all.  But it’s always worth a try. 

Never simply give your reservation to another person.  Hotels will ask for ID, and if the person isn’t on the reservation, they will be denied access to the room. 

And whoever ends up using the room must have their Priceline acceptance letter!  Especially when transferring reservations, the hotel needs to verify you have authority to access the room. 

So, to sum up, it is not the official policy of Priceline to offer refunds or transfers of any sort.  There are exceptions to this rule however, buying insurance, or booking through Priceline’s Published hotel lists are two ways to get around it.  Additionally, contacting customer service in any other cases may give you the refund you are looking for. 

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