How to Book Multiple Rooms Through Priceline

When you bid for hotels using, you will obviously expect the cheapest rates for hotels.  But the question you may not know the answer to is whether or not you can expect special features or make certain specifications. 

For instance, can you select the precise hotel you wish to stay in? 


Q. How many rooms can I order at a time when I bid for travel deals using Priceline?

A. In "regular" bidding, you can bid for up to 9 rooms through Priceline.  What do I mean by "regular" bidding?  You can place a bid on a single hotel for up to 9 rooms that check-in and check-out on the same day.  There is also a new option on Priceline that lets you order "Group Reservations".  When you pick the number of rooms, you'll see a "10+" option, which will automatically take you to a different page on the website.  But I'll explain all that in a minute.  I'll answer this question separately for different scenarios.

If you are looking to bid on hotel rooms that are in the same hotel for the same number of nights – go ahead and simply select the number of rooms you need!  You can request up to 9 rooms in a single bid.  Make sure that you are bidding a price per room!  Meaning if you want 3 rooms for $50 each – don't bid $150!  Just bid $50, and request 3 rooms.  Keep in mind that this will work for the same number of nights only. 


Do I bid the total amount, or per room when booking multiple rooms?

When you are using Priceline winning bids to book multiple discount hotel rooms, you must make your bid for the amount you wish to pay per room, per night. 

If I book more rooms do I pay a higher price? 

Typically hotels will have 2-3 rooms available for discount booking.  Because the hotel will likely be able to accommodate you, there should be no additional fees.  However if you wish to book a larger number of rooms this may change. 

Each hotel has different price levels for its rooms.  For example, a hotel with 15 available rooms may charge $50 for the five of them, $55 for the next five and $60 for the five.  If you wanted to book eight of those rooms for $50, you would have no way of knowing how many rooms are available in that range.  You would need to bid a minimum of $55 to book all of your needed rooms. 

So in some cases you will pay more than if you booked individually. 

If my friends and I bid separately, can we stay in the same hotel?

No!  Since Priceline is based upon privately matching bidders to hotels, there is no way to ensure two separate bids will be matched to the same hotel. 

Your alternative is to place a single bid for both rooms, guaranteeing the same hotel.  This even saves you a few dollars because you will only have to pay one tax and service fee for both rooms. 

Can I book multiple rooms with different number of nights?

If you need multiple rooms for a different number of nights, you need to start getting creative in your Priceline booking.  Here are a few tips on how you can still take advantage of the Priceline hotel list.  For example, if you are looking to book 2 separate rooms,  1 room for 3 nights, and the other room for 4 nights, you can do one of 2 things:

  • Book both rooms for all 4 nights – booking your Priceline winning bid will still save you money altogether, even if you are spending money on an empty hotel room for a night (the second room will remain empty for that night, either the first or the last night).  **Also remember – if you are booking 2 rooms, and one of them is checking in the second night – don't forget to inform the hotel! Make sure they are aware of this, so they don't cancel your reservation.  And if the "empty room" is for the last night, then just have the people staying an extra night check out of both rooms.
  • Book 2 rooms for the shorter stay (in this case 3 nights), and bid separately for another night for a single room.  Keep in mind though that there is no guarantee that you will receive the same hotel for the last night, so one party may need to move for the last night, but you can guarantee this way that both parties will be together for the 3 joint nights, and you won't be paying for a 4th night for the empty room.

Keep in mind by the way, that the only way to book more than one room in a hotel through Priceline is by putting them all on the same credit card.  So make sure you have one that can cover them all, and pay each other back after the bid.

Big bids for large events requiring 10+ rooms:

If you're looking to book a large number of rooms (say for out of town wedding guests for example), and still want to get the best deals on hotels you can find, you can still bid on hotels using the Priceline 10+ option.  What actually happens in this case is that hotels end up bidding on you!  You fill in your information (dates, number of rooms, bid, star level, area, etc), and then Priceline sends this information to all the relevant hotels in the area you are looking for.  Each hotel in turn can look over this information, and will contact you with an offer.  At this point you can choose whether or not to accept the offer you receive, and pick the best one out of all the offers you receive!

Important things to keep in mind when booking more than 1 room:

In addition, keep in mind that if you're booking more than one room, and the person who's name the reservation is under isn't there at check-in, make sure you have some sort of ID of that person showing that he/she permits you to check in (the hotel just wants to make sure the person who made the reservation is aware of the fact that someone is checking in to their room).

My last piece of advice to you while using the Priceline hotel list, is just to keep in mind that if you want to extend your stay – you can only do so for ALL of the rooms under the reservation.  If you ordered 2 rooms, and only 1 room wants to stay for a few more nights, you won't be able to do so using the Priceline bid that you used when you booked the room, both rooms will need to be booked for the extra nights.


If you think about it, it really makes sense.  In order to get the absolute best prices on your discount hotels, compromise must be made somewhere.  Fortunately, in exchange for getting the best deals on hotels, all you have to do is allow Priceline to assign your hotel privately. 

And when so much of your hard earned money is on the line, it really isn’t too much to ask. 

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