What is Priceline?

What’s the difference between Priceline and Travelocity Top Secret hotels?

Both of these discount travel tools enable customers get very attractive budget travel options by not disclosing the identity of the actual hotels to you until after you have made payment.

There’s not much of a difference between Priceline`s Deal Extreme and Travelocity Top Secret Hotels. Both set the prices beforehand and tell you of the various available hotels as per their city zone and respective star ratings and the facilities offered. The main difference is that Travelocity offers more options for filtering the final results, whereas Priceline offers you an entirely different way of booking hotels, using their published hotel list, giving you an option to either bid for an unfamiliar hotel or select one from their published deals.

As you can see both these offer their distinct advantages, enabling you to choose whatever suits you the most. It all depends upon what you are looking for.

Priceline offers the best deals and larger variety of services in the entire bidding for travel industry.

If you continue to be doubtful of the Priceline being the best option, you can go through some more articles, especially the one that covers Q&A to decide what your best strategy could be while patronizing Priceline.

What makes Priceline’s ‘Deal Extreme’ different from Hotwire ‘Hot Rates’?

Well, there’s not much of a difference between the two.  Both of these allow you to decide your own price beforehand and search for options as per location.  The major difference is in the number of ways made available to you to filter those final results. 

What’s the difference between Priceline Big Deals and Express Deals?

Express deals work the same way as the name your price for hotels.  In either case, you won’t know the name and the price of the hotel you may be bidding and come to know of the same only after you have made the payment.  Big Deal, on the other hand allows you to assess the kinds of deals you can get at the time of making your bid.

What’s the difference between Priceline and Expedia?

Priceline surely beats all other discount travel sites because of its reputation, tools and the system of booking.  

Expedia gives you the option of getting discount hotel rooms from a published list of hotels. It’s different from Priceline in the sense that it doesn’t provide you the option of private bidding.

It simply means that using Expedia, you can’t name your price for hotels.   You need to accept the offered prices and if you don’t like thee, you have to search somewhere else.

That means with Expedia, you can’t name your price for hotels.  You simply have to accept the prices they offer; and if you don’t like them, you’re out of luck. 

How is Priceline different from Hotwire?

Hotwire and Travelocity provide you the best hotel prices but the transactions are not disclosed. Both these sites don’t reveal the identity of the hotel until the customer has made payment.  Initially, there was a slight difference in their mode of operation.  While Hotwire would show you the set price of unnamed hotels, having a certain star rating, and allowed you to choose one of those hotels only, Priceline permitted you to quote your price for the hotel of your choice.

Now of course, Priceline has improved its system that enables customers to either bid or decide for one from a published list of hotel deals. 

What are ‘Priceline Express Deals’?

When you want to avoid the hassle of hotel bidding, you can make use of   Priceline Express Deals. Though the service is quite like name your price for hotels, meaning that you get discounted prices for hotels and you need to pay beforehand, without knowing the name of the hotel, you can know the facilities offered by hotels along with their prices and the area where these are located.