Cancelling Priceline Reservation

Cancellation Policies with Travel Insurance

In case you are covered under travel insurance, you have better chances of cancelling your booking. Priceline provides insurance but you need to buy it from Priceline website at the time of making your bid on hotels and reservation. Generally, purchases made through Priceline are governed by the cancellation policies of the hotel. You may cancel your reservation made through Priceline bidding in accordance to the rules of Priceline travel insurance. Unforeseen sickness, injury, death of a loved one or loss of a job is sound reason for cancellation. 

Priceline Retail Cancellation Policies

Apart from the "Name Your Price for Hotel" fares, Priceline also offers many tickets through a more traditional format, with all significant information disclosed, including the name of the hotel.


Priceline has no general policy for cancellation of confirmed reservation of hotels or car rentals. Cancellation is under the control of the respective hotel. 

Avoiding Cancellation

Before you make your bid on hotel rooms for any of the hotels on Priceline hotel list via, you must understand that there is hardly any room for cancellation. As per a complaint listed by an active duty soldier on, the company refused to give any refund towards cost of flight and $150 fee for a voucher even after he developed a blood clot that prevented him to travel as per the program.

Once the company offers you a booking price and ask for your acceptance, you should think if the money saved balances out the "cast in stone" travel plan. Unless you are absolutely sure of your travel plans, you should avoid clicking ‘accept’ on your computer.

You can look forward to getting best deals on hotels from Priceline if you can wait till the last few days for finalizing your travel plan and don’t mind traveling at odd hours. But you may not really save a substantial amount through Priceline bidding when you have enough time to plan your trip and start searching for discount hotels.

Can I cancel my reservation made using ‘Name Your Price for Hotel’ or ‘Deal Express’ booking

No, you can’t do that in the absence of Priceline rip insurance and a legitimate reason like ill health, loss of job or jury duty as specified in the insurance guidelines.

If you booked Priceline hotels using Name Your Price for Hotel or Deal Express wherein the prices are not revealed, all reservations are final as per the rules, meaning you can’t cancel, change or transfer the booking even by paying any fee.


It’s because of this ‘no refund’ policy that is able to cut off about forty percent of usual expense. follows a strict "no refund" and "no cancellation policy." The company keeps a well maintained record of the customers’ booking and in case of you ask for a refund, the company can get the exact date and time of your having accepted the booking through your computer.