Changing Priceline Reservation

Can the name on my reservation be changed?

No, you can’t change the name of your reservation if you purchased that using the option; name your price for hotels that don’t disclose the name of the hotel till the purchase is complete, even by paying a fee.

However, if you want a change of name because you are not yet 21years old, you can do a few things:

You can approach the hotel straightway with a request. Some may make the change without any fuss others may suggest you to add the name of another other person in the reservation, while some may refuse it altogether.

Don’t pass on the reservation to somebody else as the hotel would ask for the ID and they wouldn’t accept any change.

Ensure to carry the acceptance letter from Priceline!  As your name wouldn’t possibly be on the reservation, the hotel needs to ensure that they're giving the room to the correct person.

What can I do on making a mistake?

Users, who made a mistake while making reservation and realized it soon after the reservation, reported having got this response from Priceline:

"You do not have an option to change the travel dates of your reservation. However, we make a one-time exception and cancel your reservation for a fee. Please respond to this e-mail at the earliest with your approval to cancel your reservation. It is very important that you contact us before your current check-in date..."

"We have received the information for your new hotel request and verified that you followed the necessary rules to obtain a refund for the cancellation fee. As per the cancel-resubmit instructions that we provided, we have processed a refund for the cancellation fee that was charged when we cancelled your original hotel request, minus a flat $25 charge. Our system takes one business day to process your refund. Please note, however, that your bank may withhold the refund from your account for up to 5 to 10 business days. If the refund is not posted to your account within 10 business days, we would suggest contacting your bank for further assistance."

On making a mistake, can I change my Priceline reservation check-in or check-out dates?

Well, mistakes do happen and can often be corrected. As per formal rules of Priceline you can change or cancel reservation only if you booked using published Priceline hotel list. In case you utilized Priceline hotels via name your price for hotels or Deal Express, where the prices are not disclosed, you are not allowed to cancel, alter, exchange or transfer your booking even for a fee.

If you happen to make mistake with the zones or dates, you should contact Priceline customer service. Usually, they would make the amendments on their own or refund you, enabling you to bid for hotel once again. Please be informed that they are not obliged to help as per the rules. Further, it is easier to get help if you make a mistake with dates than with the zones.

Can I change or cancel my hotel rooms?

No, you can’t change or cancel reservation if the same was purchased using the option, name your price for hotels that don’t disclose the name of the hotel till the purchase is complete.  That’s how hotels afford to give you discounted prices.

However, if you use Priceline’s published price service, you may be able to cancel the reservation, depending on the cancellation policy made known to you at the time of purchase.

You’ll find cancellation policy information in the Important Information section of your confirmation page.

You should carefully go through reservation information before you click Buy Now button.

Can I change dates of my Priceline reservation for check in/ check-out?

If you booked using published Priceline hotel list, you could change or even cancel your reservation.

The rules for booking through Priceline hotels via name your price for hotel or Deal Express don’t allow you to cancel or alter your reservation as in that case the prices are not revealed.


The most important thing to take care while booking via Priceline is NOT to make reservations if your plans are not 100% sure.


The hotels offer unsold rooms at substantial discount. The name of the hotel remains hidden until after the purchase is completed to avert cannibalizing the sales of rooms with full-price by the discounted unsold rooms.


Priceline is able to offer best deals on hotels as the reservation guarantees revenue for the hotel.


That’s why it is better to book your reservation only when you are absolutely certain of your travel dates.


What can you do?

Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Buy Priceline insurance in advance
  2. Contact Priceline customer service – Although against the formal rules, whenever it is it is possible to sell your room to other customers, Priceline does favor its customers and allows them to change the reservation dates. What you should tell the customer service to get this favor?                                    Be honest to tell them your program has changed and reason for changing the date of your reservation. Even if they refuse initially, try again. Usually, when Priceline permits you to amend the dates, they give you the option of  making a fresh hotel bid on other dates but would suggest you to only quote price  higher than your cancelled winning bid. If your bid is accepted, you’ll need to pay a couple of dollars as processing fee, usually less than $10, and if you lose your bid, you need to pay $25 per night as cancellation fee.
  3. If your plans are completely changed, Priceline may refund you and charge $25 towards cancellation fee for the entire reservation, but that’s quite rare.You may directly contact your hotel, requesting for changing the dates of reservation. If the hotel has rooms available for the desired dates, they would be happy to do the needful.