Priceline Counter Offer Strategy

When you don’t want to accept the counter-offer, how much you should offer and how?

 If you want to offer a price other than the counter offer, you should include a new zone. Use the Priceline bidding tool to know which zone to include after checking the availability of zone. Depending on the price, you can do either of the two things: continue placing your bid for a hotel as per your price strategy or reduce the price of suggested counter-offer by fifty percent meaning that if the counter offer is for $20, you enhance your offer by $10! It may work, and if it does, share this strategy with others. Best of luck! 

What is Priceline`s Counter Offer

Now and then, after your bid is rejected, Priceline may come back to you with a counter offer:”you can get the hotel if you bid $18 more”. It means that your bid on hotels was very good and you were close to the minimum price. Should you accept the offer? Well, it depends. Let’s study the options:  


When should you accept the counter offer?

You should accept the offer if you want to save the bother of placing another fresh bid on hotels or when you are not left with any trials for rebidding.


When you should refuse it?

Getting a counter offer from Priceline indicates that your offer was quite close to minimum price.

It means you can get an offer better than theirs. But, you should try getting a better price for discount hotels only when you have the opportunity of rebidding and want to utilize the same.

Few more things you should know about counter offers

It is recommended to always check the history of winning bids to know if the counter offer is justified. At times, the counter offer may be too high, compared to the past winning bids. So, you should refuse it. Counter offer doesn’t always indicate the available inventory and sometimes you may lose even if you accept the counter-offer.

 Here’s wishing you luck for your counter offer bidding and don`t forget to share your experiences with others in the community.