Tipping At Priceline Hotels

Should I tip at Priceline hotels?

Tipping can be a highly contested issue when researching budget travel.  Some say that when you’re bidding for travel using discount travel sites, you won’t be expected to tip because you just went for a cheap hotel, but in my opinion that is a wrong view: With Priceline bidding you aren’t getting some cheap hotel, you’re often getting a very nice three star or higher rated hotel at an affordable rate.

A good way to decide whether to tip and how much is to consider the hotel’s star rating and the quality of service you received.  The higher rated hotels often have hired different people to perform different services for you their customer.  But just because they have the service doesn’t mean it was provided well. 

For example if you have a bell-boy who greeted you with a genuine smile, quickly and courteously helped you with your luggage while carrying on one of those polite conversations about the area’s local attractions, then I would absolutely want to thank him with a reasonable tip!

If you are regular tipper, you should be aware that hotel maids aren’t assigned to one person’s hotel room for the entirety of their stay.  Some people don’t realize this and just leave one large tip at the end of their stay – which only benefits the maid who happened to come in that day, even if another had done the work from the beginning.  So if you decide to tip the housekeeping staff, be sure to do it daily so each person gets their accurate share of the tip.

Other than that little ‘heads up’ you should be able to come to your own tipping decisions fairly easily.  This is a decision of personal conviction.  If the people serving you through housekeeping, luggage transportation, or the concierge desk, go above and beyond the call of duty than it would be common courtesy to show your appreciation through a tip.  If they don’t, you shouldn’t feel pressured. 

And if you decide you don’t want to spend the extra money on tips, but feel that it’s required, remember – these services aren’t mandatory!  You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to.  Which in some cases eliminates this question in the first place. 

So take the time to think this through before your next vacation.  Make your decision and stick to it.  Doing this in advance will help you avoid a lot of hassle, and you won’t have to waste time thinking about tipping when you should be relaxing!