Priceline Bidding Length of Stay

Using Priceline for extended stays as a cheaper option than apartment renting

This is an option some people try to take advantage of while staying in an area for a month, or a few months.  In this case, there isn't really any specific option that Priceline offers; you just need to keep bidding.  Every few days you'll need to continue to bid in the area you are looking to stay in, and hope that the availability allows it.  While some people have had a lot of luck with this (even staying for a few months at the same hotel at the same low price!), this is definitely NOT something you should count on (especially not during busy seasons, or highly-requested cities or neighborhoods).  But in the end it could help you save money on things like bills and utilities – so its probably worth a shot!  Hotel booking sites are generally aimed at shorter stays, but bidding for travel in all cases is likely to save you money.

Splitting my stay into 2 separate requests:

If you have a long vacation and are trying to book a large number of nights, you may find that you run into some problems.  For example, if you are looking to book a stay of say 10 nights in a row, not all hotels will be able to guarantee that many consecutive nights of availability, especially if it close to the check-in date.  That being said, definitely give it a try!  Some hotels even offer lower prices for extended stays.  If you tried booking all 10 of your nights together, and were unsuccessful, then you might want to try splitting your stay into 2 separate hotel bid options.  Keep in mind that you should specify the area you are bidding in, because you might end up getting 2 separate hotels, and you would want them to be close by to each other.  However, if you do end up needing to move hotels, this might even be a good thing, and allow you to explore different areas of the city you're visiting!

What is the longest Priceline stay I can make?

Three weeks. If you click on the bid form calendar rather than typing in dates, it will show only 21 available days.