Priceline Room or Hotel Upgrading

What are my options if I'm looking to upgrade my room or hotel after using Priceline bidding to book my budget travel plans?

All rooms assigned from the Priceline hotel list are standard rooms.  Any request you may have for a "premium room" (such as a room with a view, higher floor, or suites) can be made directly with the hotel.  This is the type of request though that you should make at check-in.  Trying to do this ahead of time (unlike requests for specific needs like bed types, smoking/non-smoking, pet accommodations and the like) will not necessarily guarantee availability of rooms for your request.  Once you arrive for check-in, you can inquire about your upgrade request directly with the front desk, and generally speaking, if they have rooms available, won't mind upgrading you to a better room (generally for the fee of the price difference between the 2 room levels – the standard price, not the discount price you received through Priceline).  Don't count on this though.  If having a premium room or a suite is important to you, booking with Priceline bidding options may not be for you, since all of the rooms on Priceline are standard level rooms.

Of course, there are other ways to try and upgrade your room that lie a little bit outside the line of "hotel policy".  For example, desk clerks at the front desk of hotels have a lot of free pull when it comes to room assignments, and if there are nicer rooms available than what you booked, you can try to "win over" an especially nice desk clerk with a smile, or by downright tipping them.  You can even ask point blank if tipping is acceptable and then hand them a $20 bill and ask about nicer available rooms. People do it and it works!  Hey, it can't hurt, right?

Another tip that I recommend to you, is if you travel a lot, especially with wide spread hotel chains, go ahead and sign up for their Frequent traveler point system.  That way you can even be eligible for free upgrades at your next visits!

I heard that using Priceline bidding my hotel may be upgraded, Is it true ?

Automatic upgrading:  Priceline will always try to automatically upgrade you to the best hotel in the area you are choosing.  Meaning that if you have made a bid for a 2 star hotel in your area of destination, but a 3 star hotel has a special rate that matches your request – that's the hotel that Priceline will book for you.  Note: there is no way to avoid this!  Even if you prefer the 2 star hotel, so long as the 3 star hotel matches your bid and destination, that's the one that Priceline will book for you.  Sorry guys Cool