Age requirement for booking hotels with Priceline

Minimum age of oldest person in party to check-in to hotel

Most hotels that you will encounter (especially the ones that have a higher star rate) will have a minimum check-in age of 21 years.  This is usually because of the alcohol available in mini-bars in the rooms or in room service. There are several things I recommend to keep in mind when booking a hotel if you're under 21:

  • Priceline makes NO guarantee that the hotel will accept you at check-in. Meaning, even if you managed to win a hotel on Priceline, and the hotel doesn't allow you to check-in due to your age, there isn't much you can do about it.  So don't get caught with your pants down!  If you have hesitations about a specific hotel, call ahead and ask them what their policy is, what sort of ID you need to bring, and remember – always try to sound very mature, it usually helps!
  • If you are checking in to a hotel that someone booked for you (remember how we said a parent or older sibling could help?) then double check and make sure you have the Priceline acceptance letter!  Since you're name probably isn't the one on the reservation, the hotel needs to make sure that they're giving the room to the right person.
  • Under any circumstance I would NOT try to book a hotel under the age of 21 in LAS VEGAS!  They tend to be sticklers about minimum age because of the gambling.  Not worth it.

Many hotels don't ask for ID to confirm age (only to confirm credit card usage for incidentals that pop up).  However, if you want to be on the safe side and make sure you won't be stranded after paying for your hotel, just call ahead and ask what their policy is.  Basically, if you're over 21, go nuts with your Priceline bidding! But if you're under 21 then these things are what you should be keeping in mind. 

That being said, if you are a minor looking to book a vacation with one of the many discount travel sites available today, and you find yourself bidding for travel deals, Priceline hotels are definitely the way to go.  While each hotel is different in terms of its booking policy, almost every hotel will accept a Priceline acceptance letter as proof of purchase, regardless of the age of the hotel guest.

Age requirement for booking hotels with Priceline

First of all, in order to book a hotel room through Priceline, you need to be at least 21 years old, as with most hotel booking sites.  Now, this is less of an issue, seeing as you can always have a parent, older sibling, or older friend help you with the actual booking.  The bigger issue at hand is your age requirement with the hotel itself.