Can I bid on Priceline hotels for reservations I'm making for other people?

keep in mind when making reservations for other people

When you call the hotel to add a person's name to the reservation, don't speak to a desk clerk! Ask to speak to a manager or reservations person.  They can add the comment directly to your reservation so that when your party arrives before you there shouldn't be a problem letting them check-in.

Even if you don't plan to show up, you won't be able to change the name of the reservation, only add a name.  So do that anyway – just tell them the other person will be arriving first, and that they need to have their name on the reservation.  If you end up not showing up (even if you never intended to), it doesn't really make a difference to the hotel.  A hotel booked through discount travel sites will usually not be willing to make any changes to the reservation, only additions.

Though rare, you may find yourself with a hotel that doesn't allow any additional names to be added to the reservation, and Priceline can't make any guarantee to that.  So try your hardest to put the reservation under the name of the person arriving first, just to be on the safe side.  Some people try to put 2 names on the reservation, though I'm not sure this will always work (one first and last name under the "First Name" category, and the other first and last name under the "Last Name" category).

Either way, bidding for travel deals will save you tons of money on discount hotel s, so it's still worth a little bit of hassle when it comes to name reservations and the like.

Booking multiple rooms

Whenever booking more than 1 room Priceline gives you the option to put a different name down for every room.  Whether you put a different name down for each room, or 1 name down for the whole reservation is up to you.  On the one hand, if you're sure about 1 of the people travelling (as little chance as possible of them having an excuse not to come), it might be best to put all the rooms under their name so that they can check-in to all of the rooms at once.  However, that might be a bit risky, if for some reason or another that person can't make it, then you might run into trouble checking in to the rest of the rooms. 

Making a reservation for someone else

:  If you're trying to book rooms for a trip that you won't be going on (parents booking a surprise trip for their children, husband for a wife and her friends, and so on), then all you need to do is make sure to put the traveler's information down under "consumer" or "reservation name".  When bidding for travel deals on discount hotel booking sites, there are two separate places to put in "credit card holder" information (that would be the person making the bid and paying for the room), and "consumer" which is the information of the person who will be using the deal (checking in to the hotel).  So long as their information is the one on the confirmation page, they won't have any issue checking in to the hotel when the time comes.  If a credit card is needed at check-in (for example for incidentals) they can generally use any credit card they have on them, and it doesn't need to be the same card as the one used on Priceline to book the room.  Keep in mind that the person who's name is on the reservation needs to be at least 21 years old.

Checking in to a reservation when the person who made it isn't there

Sometimes the person who made the hotel reservation needs to cancel at the last minute (business meeting, illness, etc), and then their family/friends are the ones who show up at check-in.  If this should happen, make sure you have several things to try and get through check-in all in one piece: 

first of all, have the person who made the reservation call the hotel ahead of time and add someone else's information to the reservation who will be going on the trip. 

Second of all, bring a copy of the Priceline confirmation page! This is probably the most important thing you can have on you.  Lastly, it wouldn't hurt to have a photocopied picture ID of the person who made the reservation (as a sort of power of attorney that the person who made the reservation gives you permission to check-in).  As long as you've done all of the above, you shouldn't have a problem with the hotel. 

Reservations under more than 1 name

If your party plans to arrive at separate times (say you're 2 people staying in a single room and won't be arriving together), then you need to make sure that both of your names are written under the reservation, so that whoever arrives first can check-in without a hassle.  All you need to do is call the hotel after you've received your hotel information on the confirmation page and itinerary on Priceline.  Tell them that you're party will be arriving separately and that you want to add his or her name to make sure that they can check-in if they arrive before you.  Make sure you give them all of your travel-buddy's information. 

Important: make sure they ADD your friend's name and don't CHANGE the reservation name from your name to theirs.  This way both of your names will be on the reservation and you can check-in whenever you arrive.