Requests for Specific Kind of Bed When You Bid on Hotels Using Priceline Bidding

Important things you should bear in mind when placing requests for specific bed types

  • When placing any special request with any hotel, the hotel may charge you extra for providing that facility. However, you are most unlikely to be charged for extra people. The hotels would charge for extra beds and not for extra people! For example, if a child is traveling with you and you don’t think you need an extra bed considering that the child can comfortably sleep in a sleeping bag or on the couch in your room, you are most likely not required to pay extra.

You can enhance your chances of your request being granted by the hotel by arriving a bit early in the afternoon. Because when you check in early, the hotel is very likely to have more vacant rooms and that improves the chances of your specific request being met.



  • It should be worth mentioning here that even if you decided to directly reserve with the hotel, paying full price, there is no guarantee that your request will be fulfilled, more so when the hotel may already be occupied almost fully. Hotel assigns rooms to guests on their arrival at the hotel and not beforehand. So, special requests are dispensed with on first come-first you serve basis. So, as a matter of fact, especially during peak season, you don’t stand to lose the chances of your special requests being met by the hotel even when you use Priceline bidding. You really don’t stand to gain by avoiding usingPriceline bidding tool.

 Perhaps the only benefit you may have is by way of creating scene flashing around your confirmed reservation and may decide to cancel your reservation if it was made directly with the hotel. 



  • You should understand that hotels in certain cities just don’t have rooms large enough to accommodate any additional beds. However, other cities are more family oriented and offer larger rooms to their guests.
  • Majority of hotels can accommodate four adults at the most. But you can argue your case when you are traveling with a child. 
  • And if you are on a holiday, go with the current and have fun. Don’t mind paying musical chairs with the beds and let everybody be happy!

Bottom-line is that when you bid for a hotel through Priceline, you can’t specifically ask for the type of beds, accommodation for pets or smoking /non-smoking rooms etc as there is no way you can know of the hotel you may be getting in advance. However, you can make all these requests straightway to the hotel.  On making your hotel bid, you get your itinerary that contains the telephone number of your hotel allowing you contact the hotel. Yet, the hotel can’t guarantee any of your requests. Yes, you got it right. Even if you place your special request to the hotel before hand, you can’t be certain that the hotel will act on that

Traveling With a Pet

As you are unable to bid for any specific hotel, using hotel bidding, you can’t be absolutely sure if you’ll get the right hotel from the Priceline hotel list to accommodate your pet.  So, you would best avoid patronizing Priceline bidding.

 Exception to the rule: In case you happen to be traveling with a pet having some disability (like say, Seeing Eye dog), and the hotel is unable to accommodate you, Priceline will refund your booking or help you getting another hotel having the required arrangements.

What Can I do when travelling with a group of friends that includes more than 2 people

A. In this case you stand a good chance of having another bed. You may ring up the hotel and ask for a second bed in your room and perhaps save the expense of a second room, as long as you don’t mind sharing a double bed in the event of your request not being met with.

B. When there are more than three friends, remember what I said about the kind of city you may be travelling to. Some hotels don’t any space to accommodate an extra bed. Depending on the purpose of your visiting that city, one of you may not mind sleeping on the couch. Looking for one additional bed in some hotel in a place like NYC is quite risky!

C. Please note that extra people are rarely charged extra. You are charged for extra beds. That means if one or two of your friends don’t mind sleeping on the couch or in a sleep-in bed, you are very unlikely to be charged extra.  but that doesn’t mean half a dozen of you use one room and make it noisy! 

Priceline bidding when travelling with more three or more children

A. It will be quite safe to ask for one room with two separate double beds when you are in   a family oriented city.  You may even ask for an additional roll out bed.
B. However, if you are travelling to a city like NYC, you should essentially bid for two rooms to ensure that everybody is able to sleep comfortably. 
C. The problem starts when you are traveling with three or more children. Though travelling through your Priceline winning bids is very tempting, bidding for travel plans may not be the best option for you.
D. Asking the hotel for a crib  - You can directly request the hotel for a crib but may be charged extra for that.

What could I do when travelling with a business partner or somebody else in whose company you may not like the idea of sharing a bed

A. Ring up the hotel after having got your Priceline winning bids and request for two separate beds.

B. In case you are very sure there is no likelihood of one bed, you may consider placing hotel bid for two separate rooms and play it safe. At times it works out economical that paying the full price for a room.

C. You will understand that the probability of accommodating two separate beds in one room varies with the city to which you may be traveling. For instance, hotels patronizing families on a holiday, would often have larger floor area, compared to hotels in business oriented cities like Manhattan that are reputed for offering small single bedrooms. So, you should keep that in mind when requesting for more than one bed in your room.

 Caution: You may be asked to pay extra for any such facility.