Requesting a specific hotel when I bidding on hotels using Priceline bidding

Which are the hotels that Priceline uses?

Compared to people who have a definite itinerary in mind, those looking for best deals on hotels stand to gain more through the process of hotel bidding. You’ll find it worthwhile going through the latest available Priceline hotel list to know the hotels available at any time of bidding. It should also be pointed out that the list is continuously updated to include new independent hotels as also small and big hotels from a chain of hotels that keep joining the discount world.  Priceline affords equal chances to all hotels and you could get any hotel. Though the hotels listed at any location are the ones which have surfaced with winning bids, a new hotel can also offer its services at any time.

An important fact that shouldn’t escape your mind is the reliability of Priceline hotel list. You can be sure that Priceline will offer you only that hotel that matches star rating demanded by you. Please note that unlike other discount travel sites that have devised their own system of grading hotels, Priceline follows the official star level of hotels.  If at any time you feel you were cheated regards the star rating of the hotel, do bring it to the notice of Priceline and depending upon the merits of your case, you may get compensated!

In the light of above it will be reasonable to conclude that it’s not really possibly to choose any specific hotel using the option of price winning bids.

Is there some way that I can guess the hotel I’ll get?

You can have a fair guess by going through the list of hotels having their location and star rating as per your requirements. You may check the list at before you bid for hotels.

Can I request a specific hotel when I bid on hotels using Priceline bidding?

You should understand that Priceline bidding automatically finds the best deals on hotels for you as per your specified requirements of budget, preferred location and star level.

 Though you may request and get the best hotel price, you can’t specify for a particular hotel. The hotel that you are offered is one from a pool of hotels having the same star level in the area specified by you and has an equally good chance of being your winning bid.. You may view the most updated list of hotels at

 Simply put, booking discount hotels through hotel booking sites and discount travel sites of the kind of Priceline doesn’t offer you any control beyond looking for a hotel as per your requirements of preferred location, star level and budget , though it does ensure getting you a hotel at the lowest possible price.  No, you can’t be certain that you’ll get any hotel specifically asked for but rest assured you’ll get the best hotel prices.

Does higher bidding through Priceline assure a specific hotel?

Sorry! Again the answer is no.  You have no control over choosing a particular hotel nor can you avoid any specific hotel. Even if you bid higher, you are unable to avoid any specific hotel. On the contrary, you may end up paying more in your attempt to book or avoid a particular hotel as hotels in the same area with the same star rating are competing against each other.