Priceline Bidding Hotels Check-In/Check-Out

Do hotels booked through hotel booking sites offer flexible timing for Check-in/out?

Having got your Priceline winning bids, confirming your travel plans, you need to communicate with the hotel straightaway in case you are required to change your plan.  Your itinerary already contains the telephone number of hotel you booked.

It should be emphasized here that keeping your hotel informed of you changed plans is very important, especially if are reaching late due delayed flight or any other reason. The hotel will flag your namelest your reservation should get cancelled and the room allotted to another traveler.

What all I require for hotel check-in?

Hotel check-in is very simple. Apart from the hotel confirmation number as noted in your itinerary, you’ll need to carry some document issued by the government, like your driving license or passport.

Most often, hotels need you to carry your credit card for checking-in, but it need not necessarily be the same that you might have used for hotel bidding and booking. Usually, debit cards aren’t accepted, but in the absence of your credit card, some hotels may accept cash deposit towards incidentals. If you plan to offer cash deposit, please check up with the hotel that you reserved if they accept such deposits and the amount they require for the purpose. 


As already pointed out, you can’t get any refund if you cancel your reservation or don’t show up on the schedules time and date. Be absolutely sure of your plans before you click on “Buy Now”.

To sum up, it’s very important to inform the hotel of any change of your plans beforehand.

Late Check-in

Late check-in:  On realizing that you’ll be checking in late, there is no problem provided you inform the hotel beforehand.  Informing the hotel is especially important if you are unduly late and expect arriving, say around midnight. That’s because some hotels have no staff at the front desk during late hours. But once you have informed them, they would take necessary measures, allowing you to check in even at late hours. Usually, they would leave a phone number for you to call for an "on-call" clerk who checks you in at odd hours. Remember, if you fail to inform the hotel of your late arrival, they could cancel your reservation and allot the room to somebody else. In such a situation if you're using discount hotels through Priceline bidding, you are not entitled to claim any refund on behalf of your cancelled reservation.

Late check-out

You may be able to extend your stay before arriving at your hotel booked using Priceline under certain circumstances.  However, it should be added here that you can only double your stay, meaning if you originally booked for three nights, you can only extend your stay by another three nights. Basically, it all depends on the hotel and the kind of bid you made. All that information is available on the bidding page.