Priceline Bidding

Should I use the red messages "You bid has little to no chance" for bid estimation?

When bidding for travel on Priceline, it is possible that you will get two red messages. The first message indicates that your bid on hotel rooms has a “small chance” of acceptance. The second message indicates that your bid on hotel rooms has “no chance” of acceptance.

If you see the second message that indicates that your bid had “no chance” of acceptance, you will need raise your bid on hotels. For each hotel quality level, there is a set minimum price. If you fall below the minimum, your bid for hotels will not be considered.

The limits are: $15 for 1* hotels, $17 for 2* hotels. $19 for 2.5* hotels, $25 for 3.5* hotels, $40 for 4* hotels, $55 for 5* hotels and $40 for resorts.

If you see the first message that indicates that your bid on hotel rooms has a “small chance” of acceptance, this means that you do still have a chance. The message indicates that you should raise your bid amount. However, you should first check the history of Priceline winning bids. In the past, Priceline users have received the first message but the Priceline winning bids history indicated that this bid had been successful before. Thus, they continued with their hotel bid and received a Priceline winning bid!

Think of bidding for travel on Priceline as a savings game. As a rule of thumb, always check the history of Priceline winning bids to help you predict how much to bid on hotel rooms. If your bid on hotels was unsuccessful, keep trying! 

What if I find a better rate for my hotel room after I bid?

When bidding for travel through Priceline, the website offers a best price guarantee. In order to qualify for the guarantee, your existing reservation, and the one you found need to be identical. This means the same hotel, same type of room, exact dates, a rate that is available to the general public and the room should still be available when you contact Priceline. 

Could I get a specific hotel by bidding higher on Priceline?

This is not recommended when bidding for travel on Priceline. Hotels on the Priceline hotel list are all competing other hotels in the same zone and star level and against hotels in higher categories. A bid on hotels is accepted based on the price a hotel accepts. Therefore, if you bid higher in an attempt to get a specific hotel, another hotel that accepts the lowest price in the category you are bidding, could be the hotel you get. You would most likely not get the hotel that accepts the high price, even though you indicated a higher price. 

What should be the maximum bid?

When placing a bid for hotel rooms, check the market prices. Your highest bid should be what the best market price is. Of course, your highest bid should never be more than you can afford. 

Should I bid more to get a better room or better hotel?

In general, when bidding for travel on Priceline. This is not a good method. For example, there are two hotels in your desired area. One is $45 per night and the other $55. It is not a good idea to bid $55 in an attempt to book the $55 hotel. With this method, you are still just as eligible to receive the $45 and now pay $10 more per night. Increasing your hotel bid in an attempt to avoid hotels or book specific hotels is more likely to result in overpaying and less savings.