The Best Priceline Hotel Bidding Timing

Will I get a better rate booking at the last minute?

Bidding for travel at the last minute is always a risk. Hotels may be already sold out for your check in date. However, it is possible to get the cheapest hotel rates at the last minute if rooms are still available. The key here is to be flexible. If you do not have a particular destination or area in mind, last minute bidding on travel may find you the most savings!

Is there a difference if I bid during holidays?

Computers do not distinguish between a holiday and a regular day. Therefore, whether you bid for hotels on a holiday or any other day should make no difference since the Priceline bidding process is automated.

Make sure to check the most up to date prices on TravelSonar. Keep in mind that the holidays present a higher demand for hotel rooms and therefore the prices are often higher. 

How far in advance can I make my hotel reservation?

Through bidding for travel on Priceline, you can reserve a hotel room 11 months in advance of the date you check-in. 

How late can I book a room on

Priceline is very flexible when bidding for hotels. Within North America, most hotels accept a reservation up to 11:00pm local time on the day of check in. Keep in mind that this is dependent on room availability. 

When is the best time of day to bid so I will have the best chance of getting the best deal?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when Priceline will have its best hotel prices. Best deals on hotels are subject to the rates hotels set for Priceline. Rates depend on several factors such as special events, hotel’s managing of projected occupancy, and if hotel clients book in advance or close to the check-in date. Therefore, Priceline has no way of projecting when bidding for travel guarantees the cheapest hotel rates. It is not impossible that your rejected bid on hotel rooms is a Priceline winning bid two days later.