Pricleine Best Price Guarantee

How Do I Claim My Best Price & Big Deal Guarantee?

To claim either guarantee, call the Priceline Customer Service. Inform them where you found the better offer. Priceline will check the existence of the offer and its availability while still on the phone with you.


Use the following number to make calls from the U.S. and Canada 1-800-PRICELINE (1-800-774-2354) For calls from the rest of the world use the following number 1-212-444-0022.

How does the Best Price Guarantee work?

The guarantee is subject to change. Always visit to check the details.


Through Priceline there are two Best Price Guarantees. The first applies to hotel reservation where the price is published before purchase. These are not Name Your Own Price reservations. Reservations when you see the price and hotel details before purchase are backed by the Best Price Guarantee. If within 24 hours of making your Priceline hotel reservation and before you check-in to your hotel you find a lower online price for the exact same hotel, type of room, and itinerary, you can call Priceline. If your request qualifies, Priceline will reimburse 100% of the difference in price. Click here to read more about this guarantee.


The second guarantee is called the Priceline Big Deal Guarantee is applies to Name Your Own Price hotels. If before midnight the night before your check in date you come across an online price that is lower and is for the same hotel, same type of room, and same itinerary, Priceline will not only match the price but also provide you with an extra $25. Click here to read more about the guarantee.


Additionally, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. You have to have booked the hotel room with
  2. When bidding for travel on Priceline using the Name Your Own Price tool, 1-star hotels are not included in the Big Deal Guarantee. However, they are still included in the Priceline Best Price Guarantee


  1. When contacting Priceline for the guarantee, the lower offer should still be available.
  2. The better offer needs to be an online offer. In addition the offer should be for the same type of room, same amount of rooms, at the exact same hotel and for the same check-in and check-out dates. The better offer should have a similar cancellation policy. The guarantee is only for offer that are available to the general public. If the better offer is booked through a membership, corporate or special discount rate that the general public cannot access, the guarantee does not apply..
  3. The Big Deal Guarantee does not cover any deals, bundles or promotional packages that also include special features such as parking, meals and entertainment. This guarantee is only for the price per night for the hotel room
  4. The guarantee covers only the price of the room and excludes all Taxes and Service Fees customers pay to Priceline.
  5. Also, please keep in mind that other restrictions may also be included. Priceline is responsible in deciding when the guarantees apply. Priceline is also able to cancel the guarantee at anytime and without notice.