Priceline Payments and Charges

Does the Hotel You Get Know How Much You Paid?

When placing a bid on hotel rooms through Priceline, only Priceline knows how much you paid for the room. The hotel does not know what price you paid on Priceline. Hotels give a certain price for Priceline to charge and Priceline pays these rates to the hotels. 

Do you pay for the room upon arrival or during the Priceline booking?

When bidding for travel on Priceline, you will pay Priceline on the same day as making the reservation. When checking it, the hotel may ask for your credit card for security reasons. However, you should not pay the hotel again since you already paid Priceline. 

At checkin, is it necessary to submit the credit card that you used to bid?

When bidding for travel on Priceline, you are paying Priceline and therefore do not need to submit the credit card that you used to bid on hotels. Priceline does not reveal your credit card information to the hotel. When placing a bid on hotel rooms, the name of the credit card can be different than the name on the reservation. However, you will need to provide correct credit card information and billing address. In addition, the hotel bid needs to be in the name of the person who will be checking into the hotel. At the time of check in, you can use any card with the name of the person checking in (and whose name is on the bid) can be used as proof of identification. 

Where can I find my itinerary and invoice?

This is easy to find. Simply go to the Priceline homepage and find the link reading “Check Your Request.” Here you will see the entire itinerary including the name and address of your hotel. You will also see the list of your charges. All of the information can be printed. 

Is it possible to use 2 cards on one bid for 2 rooms and have the price split equally?

Unfortunately this is not possible when bidding for travel on Priceline. The rule is only one credit card per Priceline transaction.

If you are booking with another person, one person can pay the full cost and be reimbursed half of the cost later. It is also possible to place two separate bids on hotel rooms. However, it is possible that you will then stay in two different hotels.